Why Our Pillow is the BEST


OUR INNOVATIVE DESIGN STAYS IN PLACE: While other crib wedges move around, our innovative non-skid stability cape keeps our support pillow firmly in place for a safer night’s rest. Our IMPROVED design provides more than double the non-skid surface area than the competition to better hold it in place when it matters most. No other wedge offers the level of security provided by our ENHANCED infant crib wedge. How much is a better night's sleep worth? Buy the BEST - Rest Easy.


SUPERIOR HIGH-DENSITY MEMORY FOAM SUPPORTS AND CRADLES YOUR CHILD EVEN AS THEY GET OLDER: This support pillow is soft enough to use for little ones and strong enough to support your toddler. It will provide years of service when others fail to provide the support older children need. Our crib wedge fits all standard cribs and toddler beds as well as those sanity-saving pack 'n plays. We also provide a reusable carry bag for those trips to Grandma's because we know that sleep is important wherever you find yourself.


BETTER NIGHT’S SLEEP FOR YOU AND YOUR BABY: Help your child fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with our fully supportive and improved crib wedge. The PU leather offers a soft and QUIET surface that lets your child dream in peace. Get the better, more peaceful night’s rest YOU need knowing your child is safe and sound and best of all – asleep.