About the Product


DESIGNED BY AND FOR PARENTS: We researched, purchased and tested a number of different crib wedges and they all fell short of our expectations. So we decided to create a better one that was supportive, easy to use, and actually stayed in place so that it could do its job. The Quieting Comforts Infant Crib Wedge delivers all of this as well as providing a non-disruptive, quiet surface for your child to sleep on. This sleep positioner even offers enough support to help your toddlers fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Where other crib wedges fall flat under older children, ours holds up and will grow with your child.  In fact, our 4 year old is still using his!


HELPS TO MINIMIZE WAKE-UPS CAUSED BY ACID REFLUX, GERD, CONGESTION AND MORE: Minimize the problems that keep your child up at night. This sleep positioner aids in reducing everything from acid reflux to congestion brought on by the common cold. The 13 degree safe lift angle is enough to unobtrusively help, but not so steep as to make sliding down the wedge a problem. It also makes a great Baby Shower Gift for new moms. Being a parent is hard. Be the hero - Better sleep? - BEST GIFT EVER!


HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS REDUCE CLEAN UP TIME: We chose PU Leather for our cover material after extensive research and product testing. We used everything from syrup to salsa to baby formula and even peanut butter to test STAIN RESISTANCE and EASE OF CLEANUP. The PU leather we offer is BY FAR the most stain resistant and its natural longevity provides strength to handle anything your child can dish out. Clean up most messes with just a simple wipe or damp cloth with a little gentle soap!


LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We are so confident in this sleep positioner, we offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. If at any time you are dissatisfied with our product, contact us and we'll make it right!